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Africa Unite

Biography of Africa Unite
Since 1981 right up until now Africa Unite have been proposing their upbeat electronic reggae, dub sound. As such they are the most mature representatives of reggae music in Italy. They’ve walked the boards throughout the peninsula constantly and given it there all in over 2000 gigs. Playing at various overseas festivals they have become well know in international reggae circles. 16 published albums (two of which being live), a “best of” and a dub version compilation (released by the German Echobeach), beginning with small indipentent labels and eventually being picked up by the majors (Polygram/Mercury and then Universal),working with a mixture of very personal sounds and alternating between the use of English and Italian in the songs.

Bunna and Madaski, together now for over 34 years, pulling the strings of this fantastic experience, always giving preference to coherance in their experimentation, taking note of all social themes and great care with musical styles which together make up the foundations of their repertoire.
Taking great care and attention with the production of their live gigs, extremely pragmatic and and direct, absolutely free from mystical/philosophical attitudes and clichés of the genre, getting straight to the point, communicating their style and their passion for music.

These then are Africa Unite‘s characteristics.