Brainlab Groove

Rude Boy Funker

  • Release date: 2014-02-28
  • Label: Brainlab Groove Records
  • Catalog #: BLGR002

A1. Holdin’ On Feat. Mao
A2. Torino Violenta Feat. Cato
A3. Lucky Fellow Feat. Mao
A4. Rude Boy Funker Feat. Cato
A5. Ain’t No Sunshine Feat. Bunna
A6. Time Bomb Feat. Mr. T-Bone & Dj Tsura
A7. L’Eroe Di Plastica Feat. Cato & Steve Colosimo

B1. A Chance For Peace Feat. Mao
B2. Gimme A Little Sign Feat. Gionathan
B3. Torino Violenta 2 Feat. Cato
B4. Lady Day & John Coltrane Feat. Mao
B5. Time Bomb Feat. Mr. T Bone (Dub Bomb Victor Rice Remix)
B6. Lady Day & John Coltrane Feat. Mao (Lady Dub Alambic Conspiracy Dub version)
B7. Ain’t No Sunshine Feat. Bunna (Dj Fede Dub Remix)


Also avalaible on:

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