Brainlab Groove

The Slackers

  • Release date: 2016-02-29
  • Label: Brainlab Groove
  • Catalog #: BLGR013LP

“We have been sneaking in practices at sound checks and have had recording sessions in Brooklyn and out on the road in Portland, Oregon.
In trying to find our way towards a new album, we have worked with 3 producers; Vic Axelrod, Brian Dixon, and our own, Agent Jay.
Each one of them has supervised the recording of 4 tunes.

Vic Axelrod, also known as ‘Ticklah,’ is well known as a musician, engineer, and producer for Antibalas, Sharon Jones, Easy Star, and Amy Winehouse.
We recorded under his supervision at his “Don’t Trip” studios in Brooklyn.
Brian Dixon is best known as the former guitar player of the Aggrolites, was one of the main architects of their sound, and is a respected producer out of Los Angeles.

We were hoping to mix some of the West Coast ‘dirty reggae’ sound with some of the Slackers “Jamaican Rock N Roll” east coast sound.
And last but by no means the least, we had Agent Jay supervise 4 tunes.
When he is not the guitar player for the Slackers, he is one of the busiest engineers and producers in the East Coast scene! Hopefully, you guys have heard of him! With Jay we recorded at Seaside Studios in Brooklyn with Mitch Raskin as engineer.
Jay has also been in charge of making dubs of many of the tunes as well.”

1. By The Time I get To Sleep
2. Go Go Go
3. Truth Comes Knocking
4. Chewing On A Face
5. Working Overtime
6. Things I Can’t Forget
7. I Want to Be Your Girl
8. Pockets of A Rich Man
9. Run Till We Can’t Outrun
10. Spin I’m In
11. Spaceman 3104



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