Brainlab Groove

Volume 1

  • Release date: 2014-11-17
  • Label: Brainlab Groove
  • Catalog #: BLGR005LP

This LP marks Strikkly Vikkly’s full-length debut, 15 years after the release of the self-titled single on the Version City Dub Clash compilation (Stubborn Records 1999).

Producer Victor Rice (a.k.a. Vikkly) brings 14 tracks ranging from downtempo drops to insistent steppers, all shrouded in the Tape-Saturated Timbres, the Shimmering Echoes, the Polyrhythmic Delays and the Rude Reverb Reports that fans have come to expect from this techno-throwback.

All 14 dubs are performed live on the mixing desk (in at most five takes). All instrumental arrangements are live improvisa- tions, choices made in real time. What you get on this record are the favorites from each session.

This release has collaborations with : Cedric Brooks (JA) & Kevin Batchelor (US), Uzimon (US), King Cobrizo (AR),
B Negão (BR), Pitshú (AN), Ticklah (US), Brother Culture (UK), Mr T Bone (IT), Tommy Tornado (NL) Chris Murray (CA), and the Japonicans (JP).

A1 Dee Gee
A2 Major Vikkly
A3 Bruce Leroy
A4 Bubble Tea
A5 Jah Jah
A6 Sintoniza La
A7 Wakka

B1 Strikk Nein
B2 Four-Hand Dub
B3 Minister Of Propaganda
B4 Party Line
B5 Bee Bee
B6 Pieces
B7 Libertade


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